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30.03.2021 | Interview cTAC

Interview about cTAC on Welle1 (german interview)

23.03.2021 | Reference

“Since March 2015, we have had the mobile document checking device Doculus Lumus …” (german text)

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01.04.2020 | Event

“Undoubtedly a highlight […] at the stand of charismaTec OG …” (german text)

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28.12.2019 | What does the new year bring?

“In 2020 we will reap the fruits of our labour …” (german text)

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25.04.2019 | I see the flash in the eyes

“From June, our device will be available in five versions and eight colours …” (german text)

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23.02.2018 | Advantage Austria: SICUR 2018 Madrid

“… technology wizards …” (german text)
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08.02.2018 | Die Woche: Counterfeits are now a nuisance:

“… businesslunch with charismaTec …” (german text, external link) » read more

12.12.2017 | Kleine Zeitung: Businesswoman targets police...

“… a light magnifier from Graz is becoming a popular tool among Europe’s policemen … (german text)” » read more

12.06.2017 | ISDEF 2017: Let There be Light

“… it optionally provides 22x magnification with high quality gass lenses …” (external link) » read more

15.02.2016 | Steirerkrone: On the Track of Backstabber Banknotes

From the series “Wirtschafts-Vifzacks” (german text) » read more

08.10.2015 | Styrian Economy: Styrian Tool Reveals All Forgeries

From the series “bright minds” (german text) » read more

25.09.2015 | Doculus Lumus with Ingenuity

Small, but effective. (german text, external link) » read more

01.09.2015 | Kronenzeitung: Work Simplification for Police Officers

Succeed in the security branch (german text) » read more

10.08.2015 | Styrian Business Promotion Agency - SFG: Screened and Sophisticated

Nothing stays hidden for Doculus Lumus (german text) » read more

16.07.2015 | MAKERBOT® STORIES: Data Validation Device Doculus Lumus

„It is an extraordinary device which facilitates and accelerates the mobile work of policemen.” » read more

06.06.2015 | ATV: Doculus Lumus on TV

News at 20 minutes after 7 pm: Identity checks in the surroundings of the G7 summit » read more

18.05.2015 | ... über Grenzen hinaus

32 short stories about great successes – and Doculus Lumus is one of them (german text) » read more

24.12.2014 | Der Standard: With 3D-Printers and LEDs against Forgers

The optical features of documents have to be verfied by humans, the device supports them. (german text) » read more

01.10.2014 | Press Release TU Graz: Success Record Product Development

“… Doculus Lumus, that has been developed from a common vision of three specialists …” (german text) » read more

07.08.2014 | Report ``Protector``: Magic Insights into the passport

For the first time it is possible to gain a deep insight into optical and digital secrets of passports, banknotes, documents, but also art work and jewellery. (german text) » read more

26.06.2014 | Kleine Zeitung: No Chance for Forgers

The aim was to develop a device that is handy and usable for police operations. (german text) » read more

26.05.2014 | Styrian Business Promotion Agency - SFG: Innovative Document Checking Device

A completly new feature is the rotating oblique light to visualise intaglio printing and colour-changing elements. (german text) » read more

01.02.2014 | Polizeiaktiv: Colleague being a Developer

The producers of available loupes obviously haven’t been interested in further development. So I asked myself the question: “Why does nobody create something better?” (german text) » read more