Doculus Lumus®

The Mobile Document Checking Device

See the Truth Inside in 30 seconds


With Doculus Lumus® it only takes 30 seconds to examine a document and to determine whether a falsification is at hand.
Experienced document specialists know how to detect a manipulated document. No matter if you are a border guard,
security printer, customs official or document trainer. Doculus Lumus is your reliable, robust tool to examine passports,
ID cards, bank notes or another official document.

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The high-quality glass lens system with achromatic, color-faithful, and distortion-free quality lenses provides the best optics for inspecting identity documents.

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Optional features

Doculus Lumus® comes standard with white incident light (full and rotating, similar to coaxial light), white oblique light (8 LEDs from the side for OVD and embossed printing techniques), and UV 365nm light. Now, customize your device with additional optional features:

Power source

Doculus Lumus comes with 2 AAA batteries as standard. Extend the usage time with additional power sources.



DL: 15x, blue
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    Why choose Doculus Lumus®?

    Experienced document specialists know what
    they need to look out for. Often, however, the place where
    fake documents are analyzed more precisely,
    is an office far away from the border posts.
    Prior to this, the fake documents must therefore be
    identified by the frontliners at the border, on
    the motorway, on the train or at the airport.
    Usually only 30 seconds remain for the
    examination of a document and to decide
    whether a fake is present or not.

    Frontline counts!



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