Doculus Lumus® – Powerful Features

Configure your own Version

15x or 22x Magnification

4 White Incident Light LEDs

4 Extra Strong UV LEDs 365nm

8 LEDs for Rotating Oblique Light

Right/Left Handed Mode


Steady Light Mode for Documentation Purpose

Ultra Low Energy Consumption (3++ Months)

Front UV Torch (optional)

RFID-Transponder Quick Check (optional)

IR Laser 980 nm for Anti-Stokes (optional)

IR LED (optional)

Li-Ion Battery 300 mhA / Battery Change Mode (optional)

Pre-order: UVC (optional)

Doculus Lumus® fulfils your needs:
Specifications at a glance

  • 15x or 22x magnification with achromatic, true-colour and distortion-free high quality glass lens system with an inspection diameter of more than 2 cm shielded from light from outside
  • 4 LEDs for white incident light
  • 4 UV LEDs for extra strong ultraviolet light with 365 nm and with magnification to detect UV micro and nano security printings
  • 8 LEDs for automatic or manually rotating oblique light to the left or right: Especially suitable for 3D realisitc viewing of OVIs, embossing, imprints, paper manipulations, holograms and moving kinegrams with many different features at different angles
  • Right/Left hand mode: For all left-handed people who want to activate incident light with their thumb (this mode is deactivated on Doculus Lumus with IR laser for safety reasons)
  • Torchlight mode with white LEDs: As a quick torch replacement or when used in bright sunshine (here the incident light LEDs get a boost)
  • Steady light for documentation purpose: Steady light with 3 clicks for 1 min active for photo and video documentation with a smartphone for all light sources (except IR and RFID)
  • Automatic shutdown after 1min even on lasting keypress (if activated by accident during transportation)
  • Minimum 3 – 5 months battery lifetime with just 2 AAA standard batteries or rechargeables („eneloop“ recommended)
  • Large and sensible buttons for usage with gloves while having the device secured with the hand wrist band
  • Robust but small housing and design: Drop-proof from a height of 1,5 m, fits in any shirt pocket
  • ePassport quick check with RFID for all RFID transponders in passports or ID cards – Type A and Type B, both ID and ICAO; the RFID transponder is not unlocked at crypto level (optional)
  • Front UV Torch with an extra strong 365 nm UV LED in the front of the device to check UV security inks and fibres from a distance quickly and easily and to  view an entire passport page at a glance (optional)
  • IR laser 980 nm for Anti-Stokes: By using a laser class 3R invisible infrared laser, it is possible to make special Anti-Stokes particles visible in security prints (mostly green, orange), spot size of 2 mm (optional)
  • IR LED: perfectly suited to display IR security features in the 830 to 925 nm range; since wavelengths in the infrared range are invisible to the human eye, an additional camera sensor is needed for visualization, depending on the camera sensor, the image is colourless or has a pink tint (optional)
  • Li-Ion battery 300 mAh/battery change mode for using the device with an integrated pre-loaded Li-Ion battery or alternativ operation with two AAA/LR03 batteries with 1,5 volt each (optional)
  • Certifications: Europe (CE), USA (FCC), Canada, Australia (ACMA) and New Zealand
  • Colours: blue, red, grey, lime, orange, magenta, violet, military olive and military sand

Why choose Doculus Lumus®?

Experienced document specialists know what
they need to look out for. Often, however, the place where
fake documents are analyzed more precisely,
is an office far away from the border posts.
Prior to this, the fake documents must therefore be
identified by the frontliners at the border, on
the motorway, on the train or at the airport.
Usually only 30 seconds remain for the
examination of a document and to decide
whether a fake is present or not.

Frontline counts!