FAQs (Häufig gestellte Fragen)

Doculus Lumus® is designed for ultra-low power consumption, so it does not even get warm after long time of usage. But you could use the revealed falsifications for a nice fire …

15x magnification allows you to examine an ID document or banknote within only 30 seconds. The magnification is high enough to see micro and even nano text and still be able to view a security feature within its surroundings. Take it with you on the road or at the border and examine documents on the move. Head to our configurator “here” (Link) to get your ideal version.

22x magnification allows you to see finest details, at a higher magnification. It is ideal for inspecting details of a specific security feature like parts of manipulated pages, paper fibres, nano text and even finest deviations of the surface. Take your time for a deep analysis of what you see and document everything with your smartphone or webcam, if you need to. Head to our configurator “here” (Link) to get your ideal version.

With Doculus Lumus, you have a full document examination center to go:

  • Doculus Lumus® has an achromatic glass lens system.
  • The multiple bright incident and UV LEDs are placed to prevent unwanted shadowing.
  • The automatically/manually rotating oblique LEDs create a 3D-realistic view on paper and polycarbonate security features.
  • The steady light allows for working hands-free and to document what is seen with a smartphone. Switches off automatically after 1 minute.
  • Place your smartphone on the lens to take a picture, video or during a videocall.
  • You only need 2 AAA batteries (standard or rechargeable) or the additionally integrated LI accumulator (optional) to power Doculus Lumus®.
  • Doculus Lumus® can be configured to the user’s wishes with 6 optional features. (Link zu Features)
  • The design of Doculus Lumus® is thin to fit easily in a shirt or pants pocket.
  • The included handstrap secures the device to your wrist.
  • Doculus Lumus® is drop-proof from 1,5 metres and generally is a very robust device. Almost all our first serial devices from 2015 are still in use at the frontline!
  • Whenever the device runs low on batters, the red lid on top will blink 3 times.

Mobile document checking devices are often called “forensic loupes”. But Doculus Lumus® is not a loupe. With its dual glass lens system (magnification lens and ocular lens) it is in fact a microscope. Due to the high magnification, the diameters of the lens are limited because they have to be strongly curved and would get really thick and unhandy if they were larger. Like with any other microscope you do not look into it from far away, but you put it as close as possible to your eye – this will give you a maximal field-of-view with minimal distortion. Furthermore, the magnification lens is achromatic, made of two different materials to compensate prism effects (the separation of colours with different wavelengths).

If you still look for an ordinary loupe with 15x or 22x magnification, prepare yourself to carry a really big piece of glass with you, some kind of fortuneteller crystal ball – maybe it could help you to detect falsifications in a totally different way.

You can operate each Doculus Lumus® with standard AAA batteries (also rechargeable). When you are on duty in the field (on the motorway, in the train, maybe in some real or urban desert) you do not always have access to electricity. When Doculus Lumus® runs out of power, simply replace the 2 AAA batteries that are available throughout the whole world (if you have one of the Doculus Lumus® bags, there is a compartment for 2 spare batteries). Of course, you can use rechargeable AAA batteries with an external charger as well.

Optionally, the device can be equipped with an additional integrated Lithium-Ion accumulator (Option LI) to have access to multiple energy sources. When the accumulator runs low on energy, simply put in the two spare AAA batteries kept in your belt bag and keep on working. The device switches energy source automatically (Patented). When back at the station, office or car, charge the accumulator with the included USB cable.

Choose the Option LI for your Doculus Lumus® with our configurator.

The device is built with the latest microcontroller and LED technology. As one result, standby consumption is lower than the self-discharge of the batteries. More importantly: Light output during operation is maximised and no energy is wasted. Power users of Doculus Lumus® (frontliners at land borders) report a minimum operation time of 3 months with one set of batteries, typically you can expect 3+ months.

Doculus Lumus® is designed for field use. We ascertained that most frontliners break out the bottom glass with the scale for two reasons: 1) The scale is irritating if you search for falsification indications and 2) the bottom glass easily becomes scratched and dirty after a short period of time.

It is possible to measure the size of small printing features with a measuring scale – but who tells you about the correct measurements in the field, where you do not have any genuine document for comparison?

A serious number of prototype devices were tested by document specialists over a long period of time for feedback and maximum user effectiveness. All findings have been integrated into the series device, which is the reason most users endorse Doculus Lumus®. It was created with all the ideas of frontline officers that never got fulfilled by other devices. Nevertheless, we believe that there are still some features we could or maybe should integrate – so join the community and share your thoughts with us! You will support our commitment: No matter how good the falsifications will become, Doculus Lumus®; will be the device helping you being one step ahead!

If you have an idea or suggestion, we look forward to hearing from you:

We believe in the Light Side of the Force, so we want to sell our device only to persons, governments and institutions that help making the world a better place – just contact us personally!