Doculus Lumus® Versions Overview

  • Excellent 15x/22x Magnification
  • 4 LEDs for White Incident Light
  • 4 Extra strong UV LEDs 365 nm
  • 8 LEDs for Rotating Oblique Light

Recommended Version

    DL 15x       DL 22x

  • Robust Housing
  • Right/Left Handed Mode
  • Steady Light Mode for Photo/Video Documentation
  • Ultra Low Energy Consumption

Recommended Options

FUV (Front UV Torch)

  • Extra strong UV LEDs 365 nm
  • Optimal depiction of UV security inks
  • Check nanotext and several fibers on passports and bank notes
  • Ideal for effortless detecting of UV features on polycarbonate cards

RFID (RFID Quick Check)

  • RFID-Reader for ePassport quick check
  • Verify integrated transponders
  • Check authenticity, proper function and transponder type
  • Always check from the inside of the passport

UVC (for 254 nm features)

  • 4 strong UVC LEDs
  • Detect security features in the range of 254 nm
  • Switch between 365 nm and 254 nm

Exclusive Options

AS (IR Laser for Anti-Stokes)

  • IR Laser 980 nm
  • Able to see Anti-Stokes particles
  • Most particles yellow or green (other colour shades possible)
  • Safe use with filter glas and activation LED

IR LED (870 nm)

  • Make security features in the range of 830 to 925 nm visible
  • Details only become visible via a smartphone camera
    (possible with iPhones newer than iPhone 7, Samsung, Huawei devices)

LI (Li-Ion Battery)

  • Integrated pre-loaded Li-Ion battery
  • Fast charging
  • Alternativ operation with two AAA/LR03 batteries with 1.5 voltes each
  • Possibility to use standard AAA batteries afterwards

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