Doculus Lumus®

Who needs a Doculus Lumus®?

We are sure: Everybody needs a Doculus Lumus®!

Whether you are a border, police or customs officer checking passports, ID-cards, bank notes etc. or a doctor, art specialist or collector looking at any attributes.

Doculus Lumus® is a kind of pocket miroscope for every specialist who knows where to look at!

We recommend the following use:

15x Magnification:

  • police control
  • 1st liner border control
  • document examiners
  • document trainers
  • casinos
  • car rental
  • town offices
  • registration offices
  • notary offices
  • nature specialists

22x Magnification:

  • security printing houses
  • 2nd liner border control
  • document examiners
  • doctors
  • stamp collectors

You use your Doculus Lumus® for something else?
Let us know!
We are happy to learn about every new purpose.