About Doculus Lumus GmbH

In 2013 our founders, two specialists in automation technology, met a document expert from the Austrian ministry of the interior. Combining their technical and document expertise background, the idea of Doculus Lumus®, a mobile document checking device, was born. The goal was to unite all needed functionalities for border guards in a high-quality device, which also would withstand the rough day-to-day work on the road in a train or at the airport.

What started as a passion project within the first company charismaTec OG, the Doculus Lumus GmbH was founded 2022 to specifically supply these devices to the document security industry worldwide, providing experts with the right tool to See the Truth Inside passports, ID cards, security printings, labels, or banknotes.
Doculus Lumus® is completely developed and manufactured in Graz, Austria, assembled by a local serial manufacturer who hires 70% of handicapped people.

Now, many years after starting with the first lot of devices, we look back on over 25.000 devices sold. With  individual options and colors we cater to the needs of border guards, police officers, banknote and security printers, customs, immigration offices, social benefit departments, embassies and other governmental entities and international organizations.

Meet our Team


Sandra Slavinec

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Dieter Lutzmayr

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Matthias Draxler

Technical Document Adviser (external)

The company is supported by Matthias Draxler at the development of the mobile document checking device Doculus Lumus®. He is a document expert at the Austrian police and has searched for a perfect device for many years. Together a device “from police officers for police officers” could be created.

Special attention is paid to local sourcing of products and services for the development and production of products, particularly to create a local network for the sustainable production of complex technical equipment of charismaTec OG and their customers.